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As your local sleep experts, we want to answer your frequently asked questions about managing diagnosed sleep disorders. Check out these FAQs.

I’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea, now what?

If you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea, then we can help you. Treatment depends on your medical history. Please contact us to discuss your diagnosis and therapy options.

What are my risk factors for sleep apnea?

Many factors affect your risk of sleep apnea. Being overweight, smoking and drinking alcohol increase your risk. Also, men, African Americans, Pacific Islanders and Hispanic people are more likely to have sleep apnea.

What lifestyle changes can I make to manage my sleep disorder?

Establish a sleep routine with set time to go to bed and wake up. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and exercise too close to bedtime. Keep your bedroom dark, quiet and cool. Use your bed for sleep only.

How do I use my CPAP machine?

We will set you up with a machine and a mask that is right for you. We will walk you through exactly how to use and maintain your new equipment. Check out our First Time User Training page for more information.

I’m going on vacation, what do I do with my CPAP machine while travelling?

When travelling by air, take your device through security with you on the plane. The flight attendant will store it with other medical devices either in the front of the aircraft or in the overhead bin. Insurance will not replace a device that is lost or broken while handling.

How do I get more supplies for my CPAP machine?

Please fill out our supply replenishment form to have your supplies sent to you automatically or call our office at (207)992-2661 to order more supplies.

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