Sleep Apnea Supplies

Supplies for use with your CPAP or Bi-level device play a vital role in your ability to remain compliant with your therapy and to receive quality therapy, thereby receiving the maximum therapeutic benefit and reducing the long term health risks.

Supply Replenishment Program

Mask leaks can develop over time with continuous use and repeated cleaning. Therefore, monthly replacement of cushions is recommended. Most insurances follow Medicare’s guidelines for replacing these medically necessary supplies, as follows:

Sleep Well - Sleep Apnea Supplies - Mask

Every 6 months

Complete mask and headgear, filters, non-disposable chin straps.

Sleep Well - Sleep Apnea Supplies - Hose

Every 3 months

6 ft. corrugated tubing.

Sleep Well - Sleep Apnea Supplies - Mask Cusion

Every month

Mask cushions and disposable filters.
*Some insurers allow for 3 months’ worth of supplies.

We welcome patients to come in to the office to get supplies, or we offer shipping of supplies for your convenience. All supplies are shipped directly from our office, not a warehouse in a different location.

When you call us at Sleep Well, we pick up the phone and talk to you. You’ll never be punching numbers and listening to an automated call during business hours.

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